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Aerospace Wire: Mil Specs, NEMA, and SAE Standards

M16878 (NEMA HP 3, HP 4, HP 5) Wires
M22759 (SAE AS22759) Aerospace Wire

M25038 Aerospace Wire

This is high-temperature, abrasion resistant aerospace wire, ideal for critical circuitry applications that require operation in challenging environments. These wires hold up well in applications that involve vibration and even direct flame exposure.


M81381 wires have one to three layers of FEP/Polyimide/FEP tape insulation with either polyimide hard coats or polyimide braids to provide advanced abrasion and cut-through resistance. Some variations of M81381 wire also use high strength copper alloy conductors for improved break strength.

Full Product Spec: M81381 Aerospace Wire

M81822 (SAE AS81822) Aerospace Wire

All M81822 (SAE AS81822) wires use solid conductors for simple wire wrap termination. Each option is also available with a choice of three conductors: silver plated ETP copper, silver plated OHFC copper, or silver plated high strength copper alloy.

M27500 (NEMA WC 27500) Aerospace Cable

M27500 (NEMA WC 27500) cables come in a variety of types. They are all shielded and jacketed, and are available in a variety of materials and with a variety of different insulation and conductor options. Each type of M27500 wire corresponds to certain M81381, M25038, or M22759 wire components that are used in the cable’s construction.

Full Product Specs: M27500 (NEMA WC 27500) Aerospace Cables

Data Master Aerospace Cables

BMS 13 Aerospace Cable (Boeing Specifications)