These are some of the Standards Organizations that relate to wire and cable in the aerospace industry.

Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

The IEEE develops standards that encourage innovation and excellence in the field of technology. They address a number of industries, including aerospace and wire and cable. The Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society is sponsored by IEEE.

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

NEMA’s High Performance Wire and Cable Section develops standards for several industries, one of which is the aerospace industry. They create quality and safety guidelines and are currently translating some government specifications into their own voluntary standards. Some of their most well-known standards for aerospace wire and cable include HP 3, HP 4, and HP 5.

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Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Both the military and the private sector rely on SAE Aerospace Standards. SAE creates material specifications that cover a variety of materials and processes used in the industry. Its standards are meant to serve as quality guidelines for manufacturers. They are also designed to save consumers time by specifying the acceptable standards for a variety of products.

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Military Specifications (Mil Specs)

Military specifications, also known as Mil Specs, were developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. They work to ensure that products meet tough military requirements. These standards are generally designed so that the product will withstand even the harshest and most extreme conditions. Mil Specs are some of the most visible and widely used specifications in the industry. Although select military specifications are being transformed into non-government standards, like those developed by SAE and NEMA, Mil Spec numbers remain common in the wire and cable industry.

Some of the significant military specifications for the aerospace industry include the standards for hook up wire: M16878, M22759, M25038, M81381, M81822, and M27500.

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Boeing Specifications (BMS)

Boeing material specifications were developed by the aerospace company, Boeing. Their BMS 13 cable standards cover a range of aerospace products, from data bus cable to aerospace optical fiber cable.

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