Introduction to Aerospace Cable

From pressure changes and temperature changes, to jarring take-offs and landings, aerospace cable faces many challenging conditions not present in other industries. There are many varieties of aerospace cable, each designed to meet the needs of specific applications, ranging from signal transmission to data applications. Standards such as military specifications and those created by Boeing and organizations like NEMA and SAE, assure us that cables will be safe and durable enough to meet industry demands.

Performance is a major concern for aerospace wire and cable. The choice of wire and cable products can not only affect the specific application they are responsible for, but the performance of the entire aircraft, right down to its speed. Using lightweight wire and cable options can cut down on the overall weight of the plane, making the entire vessel faster.

The safety of an application must also be considered. When choosing wire and cable for a manned aircraft, it may be wise to choose Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wire and Cable. This class of products emits very little smoke when burning and also emits zero (or very close to zero) halogens – the harmful gases emitted when certain elements come in contact with fire. Choosing cables like these is an important safety precaution for almost any aircraft that will carry passengers. Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables are healthier and safer for people to be around in case of a fire because they produce fewer byproducts that can damage the human respiratory system. Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables can also minimize property damage by limiting smoke and ash as well as corrosive elements born from halogens. will introduce you to different varieties of aerospace wire and cable available for both military and commercial applications. The site will also discuss some of the standards organizations regulating this sector of the industry. Hopefully the material available on this website will leave you more knowledgeable of your aerospace wire and cable options and more familiar with the industry in general.

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